Values and Guiding Principles:   

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We are a growing, profitable, entrepreneurial, family-owned enterprise. The following set of values and guiding principles are a significant factor in our success:


We accept our responsibilities, we fulfill our obligations, we pay our suppliers immediately and we  deliver as promised. Our word is our bond.

We are committed to understanding our customers’ needs and fulfilling these needs as a trusted and effective partner.

We foster individual initiative; mutual respect and personal dignity.

We exercise the highest ethical standards in the conduct of our affairs, both with providers and customers.

We contribute to the community by hiring people from the community, who have a passion for excellence, and we give them the opportunity to prove they can achieve excellence.

We give our associates the opportunity to learn and the experience necessary to become confident, precise and exceptional in what they do, so that we in return can deliver first class products to our customers.

We believe our associates are integral to our success. In fact, we consider our associates as part of our extended family and are committed to nurturing and supporting their professional and personal development. Their passion, dedication, and talents have helped establish our corporation as the top of the line manufacturer of swimming treadmills.