Further Advantages

Pool design diagram

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Low maintenance:

Because of the reduced dimensions, with respect to a standard pool, you can reduce your pool heating and water treatment costs.
Because of its superior design, it will cost very little in replacement parts during the years.
It will also cost less for operation: The main motor is a 3-phase motor (more efficient than single-phase).


Tax deduction:

The cost of a pool used for therapy or rehabilitation may be deducted from your taxes when prescribed by a physician (Please consult your accountant).


"This is "The One"
Can you swim 100m in less than one minute?
If  you can, you will not be satisfied with any other product.


An exciting advantage:
Swimming "in place" greatly enhances your learning capability! 

When swimming in the River pool you have two reference lines: at the center on the floor of the pool and on the seat. By excluding the automatic mode (i.e.: freezing the flow at a chosen constant speed), if you swim at the speed of the water current, you appear to be stationary.

This is an extraordinary equilibrium, which can be broken by your swimming performance. In this situation, you can see immediately the result of any change you do while swimming (See: Experiment, to improve your swimming). If this change improves your speed, you "move ahead", but if it does not, you "fall behind". If the change  requires too much of your energy you also will not be able to keep up at that speed.

With such an immediate feedback, you will quickly find the most efficient way to swim and improve your record times.
Great for young athletes!