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    Italian Engineering...
      ...now available in North America.

Another success to their credit:

Recently (May 2014) the designers of the RIVER pool, Giuseppe Gori and his brother Nazareno Gori, demonstrated their skills and ingenuity by winning an international award among 584 contestants around the world. The contestants responded to a  challenge titled: "Future clothes washing technology".

The Gori brothers designed a machine that replaces both washer and dryer, uses less energy, very little water, much less detergent and operates at room temperature. 

A new product coming soon:

If you like this site, but you already have a pool, a solution for you is on its way. The new RiverXP product, installable on an existing pool, will be on the market soon.

Our standard "River" model, redefines the meaning of "standard":

Now STANDARD means MORE...

  MORE features included in the basic price.

  MORE power , but lower cost of operation.

  MORE savings for you.



  BETTER design.

  BETTER value.

  BETTER control.



Control panel

The pool control panel


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