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The RIVER flow

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When buying a high price item, it is worth for you to do your homework and compare features, options and prices, including the cost of installation, the size and structural strength, the power of the main motor, the electrical requirements, the system of propulsion, the water path, whether your pool is free from encumbrances, the options you need and the external appearance.

Check how often you will have to replace the propulsion components (motor, propeller): This is a maintenance cost "killer".

We believe that our RIVER pool is equal or superior to the competition in all of the above points. In addition, our RIVER pool is the only one completely electronically controlled, with an automatic feedback mechanism adjusting the water speed to the swimmer's speed.

Check our
RIVER technical data, then check the competition: Swimex OR Endless Pools


Why Own a RIVER?


  • You can have a pool inside your home, and you can enjoy the features of a full-size pool.

  • Set your own speed and temperature.

  • Customize it your way. 

  • Many features included and options available.

  • Privacy, convenience and safety.

  • No commuting.