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The RIVER pool standard size is 8' x 14'-11" (Inside dimensions).
For the pool to be functional with the electronic feedback system adjusting the water speed to the swimmer's speed, we suggest a minimum width of 7' and a minimum length of 13'.

Optional sizes (inside dimensions):

   - One foot narrower (7' x 14'-11")
   - One foot wider (9' x 14'-11")
   - Two feet wider (10' x 14'-11")
   - One foot shorter (8' x 13'-11")
   - Two feet shorter (8' x 12'-11")
   - A combination of the above.
   - Other sizes possible upon request.

Pool inside dimensions

Pool border (included in basic price)
Wood border 2" x 15". Non-slip finish. Installed: $320
Ultra-bright Electronic Speed Display (included in basic price)
Normally installed on the pool border, displays a reference speed of the water flow.
Digital counter
Digital 7-day Programmable Timer
(included in basic price)
Installed in the Pool Control Center.

Digital Programmable Temperature Controller (included in basic price)
Installed in the Pool Control Center.

Digital Temperature Controller
Deep well:
18" deep (or as required)
48" wide
48" long (flat part) + 48" (slanted part)

Deep well option

Plastic 4-step: $140
Plastic stairs 4-step: $200

Stainless Steel 3-plastic steps: $195
Ladder option 1           Stainless steel ladder
Pool Hard Cover:
6" thick for high insulation.
Safety for children and pets.
Comes in four sections easily movable.
Built to fit your pool size.
Slanted, to allow rain water to flow sideways.

Fits Endless-Pools pools.
Lowest price anywhere for a hard cover.

Pool Hard Cover
Solar Heating:
Integrated with your River pool filter pump.
Requires less than 200 sqft of roof area.
Electronically controlled operation.
Save on pool heating costs.

Solar Option

Liner color and pattern:
(included in basic price)

We suggest 27 mil liners.
Choose your preferred pattern.

Click HERE for more patterns

Liner patterns

Underwater Light:
White, comes with blue and red lenses.
3-1/2" diameter, 55W Halogen bulb.

Underwater Light (not mounted)
Massage Jets:
- One person 4-jets (back only)
- One person 6-jets (back and seat)
- Two people 8 jets (back only)
- Two people 12-jets (back and seat)

Jet group  Jet groups