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   Fits in most enclosed rooms, sunroom, patio, basement, backyard or garage.

   Allows you to swim at a constant speed. You have immediate feedback on your stroke, speed and efficiency.

   A unique automatic feedback control system (patent pending) adjusts the speed of the water flow according to your swimming speed, from very slow to Olympic swimmer. 

   Can be used for a number of aquatic therapy exercises (normal water depth is 40 - a "deep well" is an option).

More technical details...

   A powerful 10hp motor and a unique propulsion system create an even, strong flow of water for a realistic river current effect.

   Lower operating cost: Because of our intelligent electronics (VSD) the energy used  (in Amps) is only as much as instantly needed. Thus, at medium and low speed settings, the operating cost is less than with other systems, even those with smaller electric motors. In addition, large 3-phase motors are more efficient than smaller 3-phase motors and almost all single phase motors, contributing to the lower operating cost at any speed.

   One switch operation: Switch on and jump in.  No remote unit or control knobs required.

   Laminar flow of the water at the surface, from front to back, assures no dragging down of legs and feet.


   Standard dimensions (other sizes are available as options):
Inside: 8 x 15 x 4, with no encumbrances.
Outside: 10 x 20 x 4 including all pumps, filters and gears at one end. For exact dimensions and space requirements, see the Technical Data page.

   Highest quality materials. Stainless steel 316L on bench, water channels, valves and propulsion system.

   The pool is completely free standing and requires no support.  This means no construction costs for you (apart from the floor where the pool sits on).

   Border finished in solid wood, 1.5" thick, 14" 1/2 wide, pressure treated, stained, protected by water-resistant polyurethane coat and safety-treated with a non-skid coat.

   Shipped to your house in modules small enough to go through a standard unobstructed house door.

   Our personnel will do the installation, to guarantee perfect operation.

   The filtration system is included.

   A 50 sq-ft Cartridge Filter is included.

Values and Guiding Principles




- Water jets for massage, on the bench and wall, for one or two people, as required,

- Natural gas or Propane gas Heater,

- Heat exchanger for external solar power or house water heater,

- Extra 1 wide,

- 1, 2 or 4 shorter for limited space,

- Deep well in the center, 116cm wide x 200cm long (3' 9" x 6' 6") giving the user an extra 6" to 18" of water depth, for exercising,

- Security cover, also
controls humidity and heat loss,

- Co-ordinate your colors with vinyl liner choices,

- Underwater lights,

- Child alarm,

- Fiber-optic lighting,

- Full ladder, for easier access,

and more!



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