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Technical data (Standard model):

Horsepower: 10HP, direct drive, guaranteed for life;
Flow rate:  14,745 L/m, laminar flow;
Current speed:  up to 1 mile in less than 16 minutes;
Size of water stream:  96 x 16 cm (38" x 6"), adjustable;
Propeller: Centrifugal, SS316 - guaranteed for life;
Filter:  1HP pump, 50sq.ft. filter;
Standard water depth: 102 cm (40");
Steel in contact with water: Stainless steel 316L;
Structural steel: Galvanized & zinc coated;
Structure warranty: 20 years;
Decking: 60 sq.ft. of perimeter wood decking;
Appearance: PT wood, stained & protective coat;
Border anti-skid coating: Yes. Without compromising beauty;
Standard inside dimensions: 244 x 455 cm (8' x 14' 11");
Outside border dimensions: 312 x 523 cm (10' 3" x 17' 1");
Suggested space requirement: 365 x 640 cm (12' x 21');
Inside encumbrances: None;
Underwater bench: Standard, stainless steel 316;
Installation: Professionally done at lower cost;
Water speed control: Automatic electronic feedback;
Water speed indicator: Digital display - included;
Speed control remote unit: Not required;
Temperature control: Digital, programmable - included;
Timer (filter/heater pump): Digital, programmable - included;
Speed freeze & memory: Poolside control box - included;
Smooth acceleration: Standard;
Motor overload protection: Standard;
Electrical isolation: Standard;
Electrical panel requirements: Single phase 220V (3-phase not required).


When the main switch is turned ON, the water flow starts accelerating until it reaches a minimum safe level (speed just above 5.00). 
You can then enter the pool and swim.

That simple!

Two sets of sensors constantly monitor your position in the pool.  The water flow speed is adjusted according to your swimming speed (automatic feedback mode).

In case you want to stop swimming and start exercising, you can easily adjust the water flow speed to what you want, without leaving the pool and without a remote control (and without a control box option). 
You can resume swimming in automatic feedback mode at any time.

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Highest quality materials.

Strong, self-standing steel structure.

Heavy wood, anti-skid pool border.

Guarantee on all parts.
(10HP motor and centrifugal propeller guaranteed for life)

Further Controls:


With this box, you can manually and safely control your pool functionality to a higher degree:

-You can completely exclude the speed sensors ("freeze current speed") and memorize the speed of the water flow at the currently selected level (manual mode).

-You can stop the flow completely, then start it again at the last memorized speed. 

-You can independently exclude acceleration or deceleration.


With this, you can see the current speed in a digital display positioned inside the pool border (see pictures below). You can better monitor your progress and exactly know the speed of the water flow, either in automatic feedback mode or in manual mode.


While one person is swimming or exercising, another person can sit in the jets area for water massage.  The number of jets (for one or more people) is optional. 


For safety reasons, the controls for the water jet pump, the filter pump, the heating system and other optional systems (feeding, ionizing, etc.) are positioned several feet away from the pool.

1. Front of the pool, when the main power is OFF.

Here is the water flow for a normal, relaxed swim (optional display shows 5.24).

3. Front of the pool, when the power is turned ON high.

The following picture shows the powerful water flow produced by the 10HP motor at the maximum allowed speed, within the limits of safety (optional display shows 10.44).

5. Front of the pool, when the water flow is at the maximum allowed speed.

2. Back of the pool, when the water flow is OFF.

The following picture shows how the water flow remains central and superficial.
Floating objects, on the sides of the pool, will essentially remain still.

4. Back of the pool, when the water flow is ON.

6. Jet area, at the back of the pool.