Top Ten

Reasons why to own a water treadmill  from 

10.       "Your kids will not bother you with: 'When are you going to open the pool daddy?'”

9.         "You can relax by the pool without the delivery man making a pass at your tummy."

8.         "No killer bees in your pina colada."

7.         "You can write your latest customer's phone number on a piece of paper and it won't blow away."

6.         "Your neighbours will need to be invited, if they want to see you in a swimsuit."

5.        " You can stop buying chemicals by the truckload."

4.         "You won't have to hear swimming tips from across the fence."

3.         "Spy satellites will only see a roof, not your behind."

2.         "No skunk will crash your pool party."

And the number ONE reason why to own a water treadmill from is….

1.       “If you have trouble waking up your spouse in the morning... You can put your bed next to the pool.”


Pool Jokes 

How did the cat get out of the pool?

A Hollywood actress had two pools built in her back yard, but she keeps one always empty:
She has some friends who cannot swim.